Patchwork Guild Lecture & Trunk Program

Yesterday mid-day I travelled to Hagerstown, Maryland so that I can provide my From Vintage to Contemporary lecture to the Relationship Quilters’ Guild. I was warned that the majority of the participants where conventional quilters and also I existed to drink them up a bit. I certainly did tremble them up!.

I choose to move while I review how I developed my Art Quilts, so while I wandered, there were numerous individuals who brought the art patchworks around so the audience can get a close appearance. We had a remarkable conversation about vintage hankies, trims, buttons and use in fiber arts, as well as concerns about exactly how I dye my trims, doliies and textiles.

In addition to my finished art quilts, I acquired along a choice of items I make use of when producing them: my hand-dyed bed linens, classic switches, items to transfer photos, as well as extra. There was a great deal of rate of interest in the use of pictures in fiber art, as well as questions about the distinction between Transfer Artist Paper and also EQ Printables Premium Cotton Yard Inkjet Fabric.

They were a remarkable team as well as it was a pleasure conference so many inviting quilters.

I have lately begun enhancing my lecture/trunk program as well as customized workshop activity. Check Out the Artistic Artifacts site for details … I would certainly like to consult with your patchwork guild or art group!

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