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Paris Couture Week is not the area I anticipated to see impressive jeans, but Viktor & Rolf Couture brought the surprises according to usual. Their pants came in a quilted design– not quilted as in strengthened for heat, however the type you usually seen in an Amish patchwork. Yet somehow V + R made it look modern exceptionally posh. See more images right here!

Side note: watching this program likewise resulted in me buying 3 sets of Dr. Martens (two for me, one for the little).

Side note # 2: a previous trainee candidate has implicated Viktor & Rolf of borrowing a little too greatly from his portfolio for the doll-heads concept, read more concerning that right here.

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Cute Meets Spooky: easy Halloween Manicure






Halloween–only the best holiday of the year–is swiftly encroaching. I’m sure you’ve already considered your Halloween outfit, but what about Halloween-inspired fingernails? Sure, a solid orange or black is always apropros, but what if I told you could easily take your holiday-themed nails one step further? Well, you can.

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Today we’re creating hanging spiders and spooky eyes in a dark room. You’ll need just three nail polish colors, a dotting tool (or alternative) and a small brush (or alternative). Personally, I’m absolutely tickled by the end result of these Halloween nails. Not only are they super-easy to pull off, they’re the best blend of cute and spooky.

Halloween Manicure Tutorial

Step 1: Prep and Paint Your Nails

Every good manicure needs a good foundation. start by filing your nails so they’re all the same length, then apply a cuticle oil. You can use olive oil. wash it off and then paint a base coat. Next, paint all your nails except for your ring fingers with orange nail polish. I used Zoya’s Arizona. Paint your ring fingers black. I used Rimmel London’s Black Satin.

Step 2: Dot Your Nails

Place a black dot on the bottom center of all your orange nails. For your accent nails, apply two sets of white dots. You can use a dotting tool or, alternatively, a straight pin, paintbrush or bobby pin.

Step 3: draw Lines

Draw a straight black line from the top of your nail to the black dot on all your orange fingers. This is the spider’s web. I used a tiny nail painting tool. You can use a nail polish striper or nail pen for this, as well.

Step 4: draw Legs

Draw three lines on either side of your dots to create spider legs. These can also be done with a nail painting tool, small paint brush, nail polish striper or nail pen.

Step 5: draw Eyes

For the finale, apply two small white eyes on each of your spiders. For your spooky eyes in the dark, draw two small black dots on each set of the white dots. I used the idea of an old pen to create the super-small dots on the spiders. After everything dries, seal your Halloween manicure in with a top coat.

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Ulla Johnson Tornado pants in corrosion, $395.

These advise me so much of the Girbaud jeans that the best dressed as well as coolest lady in secondary school commonly put on. As well as this rock washed orangey corrosion shade is really dreamy.

In the ’80s, we had to peg our legs on our very own, but right here Ms. Johnson has actually kindly done the help us. The self tie is flatteringly waist-defining. These seem like those jeans that you’ll most likely to over and over as loss shifts into winter season anytime you want to use denims yet crave a bit more passion and color. Pair them with an expensive top like the one shown right here, or an ordinary white (or otherwise) tee for an ideal every-occasion attire


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Decorating Fleece Vests


Embellishing Fleece Vests

Throughout the autumn months vests are preferred to put on over a tee shirt or long sleeve t shirt. Vests can be made out of various product from soft polyester fleece to jeans. At Transfer Express Apparel we provide numerous various styles of vests including microfleece, polyester fleece as well as cotton/poly fleece that we will certainly take a closer consider in this blog.

The Port Authority ® Value Fleece (F219) vest is among one of the most popular vests offered. Available in Males’s, Ladies as well as Young people dimensions, the 100% polyester fleece vest is warm, soft as well as fuctional. To embellish this fleece vest, a warm transfer is required that can be applied to temperature sensitive textile. Elasti Prints ® screen printed transfers or CAD-PRINTZ ® digital transfers function best for this fabric as a result of their reduced application temperatures.

Warm apply a low temperature heat transfer such as an Elasti Prints display published transfer.

Port Authority ® Value Fleece Vest can be enhanced on the front or back. Easy Prints ® layout QLW-69

Our preferred vest to embellish was the Ladies Sport-Tek ® Hooded Fleece vest (LST268). This vest is made from cotton/poly sweatshirt product making it easy to embellish. Any kind of heat transfer from Transfer Express will use efficiently to this design. Bear in mind to elevate the print area above the zipper joints utilizing a computer mouse pad or Print Perfect Pad from Stahls’.

Vest enhanced with Hot Split display printed transfer utilizing Easy Prints ® layout QAT-31

The last vest that we have embellished is the Port Authority ® Microfleece Vest made from 100% polyester microfleece. This additional soft, lightweight fleece has an anti-pill finish developing a smooth canvas for a warm transfer. Because it is made with a temperature delicate polyester, a low temp warmth transfer is required like Elasti Prints display published transfers or CAD-PRINTZ ® electronic transfers.

Port Authority ® Microfleece vest can be decorated using Elasti Prints ® screen published transfers.

Relating to polyester fleece does come with a few extra steps to pay very close attention to.

Select a low temperature warm transfer when applying to sensitive textile.

Increase the print location above zippers or joints using a mousepad or Print Perfect Pad

Mild impression is developed from the warmth press on the higher stack textiles. The mark will certainly go away after the very first washing.

Choose steel zipper vests instead of plastic zippers. The metal zippers will not thaw under the warm press.

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Forever21’s Magic Mirrors: Sorry You really Don’t look hot in That Sequined Mini Skirt






A very sad Fact: Forever21 (and other stores) trick you into thinking you look hotter in their clothes than you actually do.

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How do they do this?

Through the clever use of tilted mirrors, which tilt towards you at the bottom and gradually tilt away from you at the top. This trick makes you appear “smaller” by gradually moving the largest part of your body (your torso) away from the smallest part of your body (your feet) . think of it as a reconfigured Funhouse mirror, distorting your body to make you look thinner (and buy more) rather than to make you laugh. You can try this yourself at home by tilting the bottom of a mirror toward you, while tilting the top of a mirror away from you.

Funny mirrors aren’t the only way stores like Forever21 “enhance” your appearance while trying on clothes. They also use soft, amber lighting (aka “Oprah Light”), that makes even the most aesthetically challenged of us look hot (like how everyone in Oprah’s audience looks like they just had a facial). This light makes your skin look better by evening out your skin tone.

Looking hotter is not a problem, except for the fact that Forever21 has a ridiculous return policy, which is basically no return policy (you can only exchange items for store credit). So, short of carrying your own full length mirror with you when you shop the store, how you find out if an Forever21 items really look good on you? Well here’s some tips…

– Forever21 does offer returns on items purchased via – so try on in store, but buy online.

– The mirrors on the sales floor tend to be pretty conventional mirrors, so you can, if you’re brave, check yourself out in the mirrors on the sales floor

– Forever21 sales associates tend to be brutally (emphasis on brutally) honest, so ask them for their thoughts.

– Bring an honest pal who has no qualms about telling you the truth.

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Judy’s Sacred Strings 2019 Quilt: Happiness In Things Born In Mind

Artistic Artefacts is a honored sponsor of Sacred Strings, a biennial patchwork show that opens up on Thursday, July 11 and also proceeds through July 28, 2019 in Herndon, VA. There were a document number of patchworks sent for factor to consider this year, and also Artistic Artifacts proprietor Judy Gula was pleased to have her beautiful mixed media patchwork “Pleasure crazes Kept in mind” juried in for this year’s display. While she is currently in Italy educating her innovative retreat, we intended to share several of the gorgeous details of her special quilt! Listed below, she mentions a few of her patchwork’s components throughout a discussion for Judy’s Altered Minds (JAMs) **.

Visitors of this blog and also those who recognize Judy know her love of vintage things: pictures and also other ephemera, textiles, embellishments such as millinery blossoms and also even more, and also she made use of all that and also much more for “Delight in Things Kept In Mind.” Below, her centerpiece vintage picture was offered an angelic quality by scanning it, publishing it once on EQ Printables Premium Cotton Yard Inkjet Textile and then topping it with a print on ExtravOrganza.

From Judy’s Limelight interview with Produce Fancifulness: What influences you? Are there reoccuring themes in your work? Do you do series work? Just how does that impact your method?

” I am excited as well as motivated by products. My true love is classic fabrics. So I am the orphan collector– I love photos, textiles, clothing pieces that narrate of an older time. Individuals bring me their valued family fabrics when no one desires them due to the fact that they recognize that I enjoy and value them. Why did they have their image taken that day, what did they do, was the household loving?

” I have actually been understood to incorporate 3-D products within my patchworks to help inform the tale including vintage jewelry, mounted pictures, keys, charms as well as beads. I will likewise hand color classic textiles as well as utilize them in my job.”

Flanking the portrait, vintage switches as well as beads are several of Judy’s preferred embellishments. You can likewise see the detail in textile that Judy rust-dyed to include in this patchwork.

Judy likes to dye vintage linens as well as use them in her art. There are constantly numerous put right into her hand-dyed Inspiration Packs.

Her ornamented aspects might work as little art quilts themselves! Listed below, we enjoy her use of ephemera as a decoration.

Below, Judy couldn’t bear to reduce this incredible vintage fabric …

… so she really did not, collecting it right into a boodle!

You can see in the full-scale image at the start as well as end of this article that Judy created a really impressive corrosion print from a large iron bracket. The fantastic dark tones set off this tiny vintage picture bordered by lace.

Judy’s sibling Julie has really clear memories of playing with the vintage follower visualized below.

We hope you’ve appreciated this close up view of Judy’s lovely art! (Judy’s child Kyle Gula took the wonderfully comprehensive photos.) We motivate those of you that can to make time to go to Spiritual Strings– we can assure you it is a patchwork program like no other!

** JAMs usually meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month at Artistic Artifacts. Keep in mind that JAMs will not fulfill in July 2019, in order that participants can volunteer for Sacred Threads, and that our August conference will certainly likewise shift as a result of Seth Apter’s classes.

Below, Pleasure in Things Remembered, multimedias art patchwork by Judy Gula. View larger image of quilt “.

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Hearts by Judy.
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Kate in green for St. Patrick’s Day with the Irish Guards UPDATED

Kate was in Catherine Walker for today’s parade and shamrock ceremony with the Irish Guards.

Prince William is Colonel of the Irish Guards.

Here is a quick greeting from the Guards just before things got underway this morning. The guest star in the video is Domhnall, the Guards mascot. We’ll see him again in a moment.

William and Kate on the reviewing stand.

The event was at the Guards’ barracks in west London.

It was a gusty, blustery day with cold temps.

Prince William taking the salute.

At the end of the parade, three cheers for TRH. 

Then it was time to start giving out the shamrocks.

Below, Kate is given the baskets filled with them.

And starts the ritual of handing them out.

There were 350 soldiers on the Parade Square for today’s events.

The audio in this short piece gives you a sense of how windy it was for the event. 

Here you see the mascot with his handler, Drummer Aidan Cathcart.

From a daily Mail story:

Earlier, Domhnall’s handler, Drummer Aidan Cathcart, jokingly expressed reservations that his charge would behave.

He said: “Domhnall’s role is very monumental – he is the first person on the parade. He is the main person on the march, it’s a pretty crucial day for him.”

Asked if he was confident Domhnall would do as planned, he replied, bluntly: “No.”

This is the sixth year the wolfhound has taken part in the ceremony. He arrived for training as a 5-month-old in January 2013. (More on that topic in this post.) 

The Duchess as she hands out the shamrocks.

There were multiple reports this was the first time there was snow at the barracks on Saint Patrick’s Day.

 The annual group photo.

A different view with the crucial players in different positions.  

Despite the nippy temps everyone seemed to take pleasure in the parade and shamrock ceremony.

Then it was time for the Guardsman’s lunch.

The lunch is inside the barracks where there was a cheer for Their Royal Highnesses.

More about the toast from the Belfast Telegraph’s story: 

The longest-serving guardsman of the battalion, Stephen Williams declared a toast to the Duke and Duchess for a second year in a row at the mess hall and thanked the Duchess for the shamrocks.

The 30-year-old told the Press Association: “I thought it went well, I was very pleased to do it on behalf on the battalion.

“They said they recognised me from last year which is a good thing. I’ve been here for 10 years so the most senior person does it every year.

The soldier added that “They said they felt the cold and felt sorry for us.”

It looks like William was partaking of the standard Guinness while the Duchess had sparkling water with lemon.

The Belfast Telegraph also reports that Kate and William stayed and “…chatted to the troops, some of whom gleefully took selfies with the couple in the background.”

Now for what Kate wore, starting with her Catherine Walker coat.

We first saw the Duchess wearing the garment in Stockholm at the end of January. UPDATE: See note below relating to collar and cuffs, which are part of the coat, not separate or detachable items as initially thought and reported.  

We have a idea of the Tiara to Beth who left a comment on the January post about the coat predicting Kate would wear this coat for St. Patrick’s Day.

And a idea also goes to Brooke, who commented saying she thought Kate would wear this coat. 

And also to Betty Wales, she nailed it as well!

Kate’s hat is a piece we have also seen before; it is Gina Foster’s Meribel Felt Beret Hat with Bow (£535), described as a “Classic velour felt beret hat with stylised felt bow trim.’ The hat is secured on the head with an elastic band that sits under the hair. (Another good prediction came from Beth last on Twitter; she thought this is the hat Kate would wear.) 

We have an interesting sidebar to share, thanks to Michelle of Perth’s Fashion. She pointed out that the Meribel and several other hat styles Kate has worn are available to rent from a company called Abi Gurney Hat Hire.

We saw Kate bring back her oft-worn Tod’s suede pumps.

And her Cornelia James Imogen gloves ($98) in pure merino wool from Australia.

UPDATE March 19: lots of thanks to Sarah for her comment suggesting Kate wore the Alice gloves; I heard back from Cornelia James this morning and they believe Kate is wearing their Alice style. This style has velvet fourchettes, the piece of fabric between the top and bottom layer of each finger. (That’s not a terrific description, so I have added a little graphic with a digitally treated photo of the gloves.)    

Many recognized the faux fur cuffs ($60) and matching collar ($95) by Troy London that Kate used again today. UPDATE MAR 21: The Troy London accessories were not used today. The faux collar and cuffs are part of the Catherine Walker coat, they are not separate pieces.  I have deleted the photo of the Troy accessories to try and minimize future confusion. There is a lot more in this post, but briefly, the info came to us from Troy London in January when the coat was first worn that the Duchess was also using the collar/cuffs. It turns out not to be the case, the collar and cuffs are not detachable, but part of the coat.  

Kate wore Kiki McDonough earrings initially worn in India and then again in Sweden. They are a special edition made of green tourmalines, green amethysts and diamonds. The daily Mail’s Rebecca English spoke with the jeweler; they are said to have been made especially for Kate to celebrate Princess Charlotte’s birth.

The Duchess also wore the Shamrock brooch, owned by the Guards and loaned to various royals for occasions like today’s. previously it has been worn by the Queen mother and Princess Anne. because I wasn’t able to find a really good close-up of it, I included a better shot from a previous wearing, the 2016 garden party in Northern Ireland.

Kate wore her hair up.

Here we see the style from several angles. 

Another view of the Duchess today.

A look at Kate’s St. Patrick’s style over the years. 


We have a couple of quick items, the first is for all of our Canadian friends: “The Coronation” documentary that generated so much buzz in January is going to run on the CBC News Network tonight and tomorrow night (Sunday) at 10pm.

It will air again for one night only on March 26th on the regular CBC network. a lot more info here on the CBC’s ‘Passionate Eye’ page. (You may see a video player on the page, to the best of my knowledge you cannot watch the show that way.)

For US viewers the Smithsonian channel will be airing the broadcast again on the March 27th (1 pm) and April 1st (2 am). Click here for a lot more info. 

Also, Kate has two engagements next week that weren’t on the calendar when we did our most recent post. We have details on the Kate’s Calendar page.

We’ll leave you with this NBC story about the day’s events.


The Mirror’s coverage is here; The daily Mail’s story is here; The Telegraph’s post is here; The express photo gallery is here; The Belfast Telegraph report is here 

PopSugar’s gallery is here; the Fug Girls Slideshow and commentary may be seen here 



This November has actually been gorgeous in New York City. Gor-geous. The weather has been so fantastic that wearing things like this artificial fur vests for the days when it’s freezing out, but as well cold. Maturing in Southern The golden state, I constantly longed to put on things like fake hair, hats, scarves, gloves, heck, also boots … You can wear them, however not due to the fact that you need to use them (it’s various when you require it). I was out taking pictures with my friend Monica from Ciao Chessa! who lately had a child as well as has absolutely maintained her sense of design. I’m starting to ask yourself if the “Mom Look” is a myth!

We were talking the other day concerning wearing heels in the city. I have actually discovered a lot of women wearing skinny jeans and brown riding boots. Barely any person in fact puts on heels (unlike the photos you see online) The majority of everyone in the city walks around in apartments, flat boots, which currently are available in some wonderful riding boots and also lace-up booties. Both of which go completely with denims. Horray for jeans!

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Upcoming Events for the Week of February 1st

NOTE: Most in-person events have been moved to an online format, postponed, or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re making updates as we learn about them, but we recommend contacting organizers before registering for in-person events.For updated information and resources for home visitors, check out our COVID-19 page. From all of us at LABBN, we wish you and yours good health during these challenging times.

Here is a roundup of this week’s conferences, webinars, and trainings for home visitors and others who work with pregnant women and families with little ones. also included: events around L.A. county that you can share with the families you serve. want to look further into the future? See the extensive lists we update weekly for:

Home Visiting and Early childhood Professionals
Parents, Caregivers, and Families

Do you have something for us to include? Email and stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

February is:

Age-Related Macular Degeneration awareness Month
American Heart MonthCheck out these hypertension resources and toolkits provided by the Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Children’s Dental health awareness Month
International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month
Kids ENT health Month
Low Vision awareness Month
Recreational therapy Month
Teen Dating violence awareness and Prevention Month
World cancer Day (February 4)
National Wear Red Day (February 5)  
Burn awareness Week (February 7 – 13)
Congenital Heart Defect awareness Week (February 7 – 14)
National Donor Day (February 14)
Heart failure awareness Week (February 14 – 20)
National Eating Disorders awareness Week (February 22 – 28)
Rare disease Day (February 28)

Events happening throughout February

COVID-19 Vaccine Registration for LA county ResidentsOpen Registration, 8:00am – 8:00pmSee the website for information on which groups are currently being vaccinated. No Internet access? Call (833) 540-0473 for support with appointments Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 8:30pm.Presented by county of Los Angeles department of Public HealthSurvey on L.A. county Families Virtual home Visiting Needs part II (English | Spanish)Open until March 31L.A. county families participating in a virtual home visiting program are encouraged to fill out this quick survey! All who participate will have the opportunity to enter into a raffle for a giveaway.Presented by Los Angeles county Perinatal & Early childhood home Visitation Consortium’s Referrals Workgroup

Free income tax preparation Services*February 1 – April 12 (Mondays only), Times Vary: Helpline youth Counseling Liberty community Plaza, 14181 Telegraph Road, Whittier, CA 90604*Households should make less than $50,000 to qualify for totally free service. Face coverings are required at all times and no children will be allowed. To schedule an appointment, please call (562) 273-0700.Presented by Helpline youth Counseling Liberty community PlazaEarly childhood and family Engagement EventsPresented by the Los Angeles Public Library:

Music Mondays: Mondays, 10:00am
Storytime Online: Tuesday – Friday, 10:00am
Baby and Toddler Storytime: Tuesdays, 10:30am
Virtual Mini-Storytime: Thursdays, 11:00am

For much more information on the events hosted, please refer to this calendar.

Webinar: Caring for the Breastfeeding Dyad and yourself during the COVID-19 PandemicEvery Wednesday, 12:30pm – 1:30pmThis weekly webinar was created as a safe place for lactation professionals to gather. There will be a new speaker/topic each week to offer current information on guidelines and recommendations.Presented by the Inland Empire Breastfeeding Coalition

Monday, February 1

Webinar: introduction to story Facilitation OnlineFebruary 1, 9:00am – 10:00amPresented by StoryCenterWebinar: introduction to digital Storytelling OnlineFebruary 1, 10:00am – 11:00amPresented by StoryCenter

Tuesday, February 2

Webinar: home Visiting SafetyFebruary 2, 8:00am – 9:00amFor much more information, please refer to this flyer.Presented by the OunceFree Food Drive-Thru GiveawayFebruary 2, 9:00am – 12:00pm: Earvin “Magic” Johnson Park, 905 El Segundo Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90059Cars can begin to line up at 8:30am. No walk-ups will be allowed.Presented by Los Angeles county library and othersVirtual Training: introduction to the department of mental health Infancy, childhood & relationship Enrichment (ICARE) initial AssessmentFebruary 2 & 3, 9:00am – 12:00pmPresented by the Los Angeles county department of mental Health

Wednesday, February 3

Virtual Event: Social Determinants of health community Partnerships learning CollaborativeFebruary 3, 17, March 3 & 17, TBAPresented by health Outreach PartnersVirtual Training: DC:0-5™ Diagnostic Classification of mental health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early ChildhoodFebruary 3 – 4, TBAPresented by ZERO TO THREEWebinar: introduction to the LGBTQ+ Community/LGBTQ+ Terminology, Definitions, suicide Prevention and the Coming Out ProcessFebruary 3, 10:00amPresented by the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and ProfessionalsWebinar: Continuing to support Families VirtuallyFebruary 3, 12:00pm – 1:00pmPresented by rapid reaction Virtual home Visiting CollaborativeWebinar: Young Onset Colorectal CancerFebruary 3, 12:00pm – 1:00pmPresented by Charles R. Drew university of Medicine and science and The urban health Institute (UHI)Webinar: Supporting & Sustaining Early Head start – child care Partnerships: A Virtual round Table DiscussionFebruary 3, 12:00pm – 1:00pmPresented by start Early, in partnership with the Educare learning NetworkWebinar: Creating a Trauma-Informed WorkplaceFebruary 3, 17, March 3 & 17, 12:00pm – 2:00pmPresented by community clinic association of Los Angeles CountyWebinar: medical Baseline and Planned OutagesFebruary 3, 1:00pmPresented by The utility Reform Network (TURN)Webinar: Supporting & Sustaining Early Head start – child care PartnershipsFebruary 3, 1:00pm – 2:00pmPresented by start EarlyWebinar: The California county Scorecard of Children’s Well-BeingFebruary 3, 2:00pmPresented by The Children’s movement of CaliforniaWebinar: The Power of positive EnergyFebruary 3, 2:00pm – 3:00pmPresented by Work2Live ProductionsOral health 4-Week Workshop: Oral health and The BodyFebruary 3, 4:00pm – 5:00pmMeeting Number: 180 943 5070Password: smile2021Presented by LIBERTY Dental Plan

Thursday, February 4

Today is world cancer Day! We don’t know of any events happening today.Webinar: Nurturing the Nurturer: Self-Care for Providers & ParentsFebruary 4, 11:00amPresented by Brazelton Touchpoints CenterWebinar: Feeding Infants and Children from Birth to 24 Months: Summarizing Existing GuidanceFebruary 4, 12:00pm – 1:00pmPresented by national WIC AssociationWebinar: The Power of positive EnergyFebruary 4, 2:00pm – 3:00pmPresented by Work2Live ProductionsNew Year, new Opportunities: Feed the need through Policy, participation and PreparationFebruary 4, 2:00pm – 3:35pmPresented by the Los Angeles county department of Public Health, CalFresh healthy Living, and others

Virtual 8-Week Peer to Peer ClassBeginning February 4, 4:30pm – 6:30pmIf you have any questions concerning this program, please email namisgvconsumer@gmail.comPresented by NAMI San Gabriel Valley

Friday, February 5

Free Food Drive-Thru GiveawayFebruary 5, 9:00am – 12:00pm: Hollywood bowl (Parking lot B), 2301 North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90068Cars can begin to line up at 8:30am. No walk-ups will be allowed.Presented by Los Angeles county library and othersOral health 4-Week Workshop: Oral health and The BodyFebruary 5, 12:00pm – 1:00pmMeeting Number: 180 537 7186Password: smile2021Presented by LIBERTY Dental PlanWebinar: The Power of positive EnergyFebruary 5, 1:00pm – 2:00pmPresented by Work2Live Productions

Saturday, February 6

We don’t know of any events happening today.

Sunday, February 7

Today is the start of burn awareness Week and Congenital Heart Defect awareness Week!We don’t know of any events happening today.

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Patchwork Guild Lecture & Trunk Program

Yesterday mid-day I travelled to Hagerstown, Maryland so that I can provide my From Vintage to Contemporary lecture to the Relationship Quilters’ Guild. I was warned that the majority of the participants where conventional quilters and also I existed to drink them up a bit. I certainly did tremble them up!.

I choose to move while I review how I developed my Art Quilts, so while I wandered, there were numerous individuals who brought the art patchworks around so the audience can get a close appearance. We had a remarkable conversation about vintage hankies, trims, buttons and use in fiber arts, as well as concerns about exactly how I dye my trims, doliies and textiles.

In addition to my finished art quilts, I acquired along a choice of items I make use of when producing them: my hand-dyed bed linens, classic switches, items to transfer photos, as well as extra. There was a great deal of rate of interest in the use of pictures in fiber art, as well as questions about the distinction between Transfer Artist Paper and also EQ Printables Premium Cotton Yard Inkjet Fabric.

They were a remarkable team as well as it was a pleasure conference so many inviting quilters.

I have lately begun enhancing my lecture/trunk program as well as customized workshop activity. Check Out the Artistic Artifacts site for details … I would certainly like to consult with your patchwork guild or art group!

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