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EASTER activities FOR young children [+EASTER BASKET gift IDEAS]

From unique Easter basket gift concepts to fun Easter activities for young children we’ve got whatever you requirement for the very best springtime event yet! finest news of all, the basket concepts include very little sugar as well as toys that your bit one will get some fantastic utilize out of. as for the activities, we’ve got some innovative twists on the classics like egg embellishing together with some totally new ideas. Here’s exactly how to plan out an Easter that your bit ones will never forget! 

Easter activities for young children [+Easter Basket gift Ideas]

With five munchkins in the home ranging from 4 years to 15 years old, you can be sure I have a few toddler Easter events under my belt. The interesting news is there are so many different methods to integrate Easter as well as many of them don’t include sugar!! If you have a toddler you most likely agree the less sugary treats the better. Instead, provide your tots something fun to do or gift them a toy that will bring them joy for many years to come.

Non-Candy Easter Basket gift Ideas

Why We Do One big Easter Gift 

The past few years instead of a lot of bit treats we have opted for a larger Easter gift. What I have discovered is our kids are less overwhelmed as well as overstimulated as well as they really enjoy their day more. My older four are 10-15 years old, so they usually get a fun new video game, an outfit, or sports stuff.

Olivia, our youngest, is a toddler as well as so we usually try as well as discover a toy for her. And, we truly focus on discovering something that she can utilize all year long.

2 perfect gifts for young children for Easter
Fisher cost is one of those brands we have continually bought over the years. We discover their toys to be engaging, fun as well as they truly last! one of Ella’s preferred toys growing up was her tea set so when I came across a newer version of the adorable Laugh N discover wonderful Manners Tea Set, I understood I had to get it for miss Livvy.

I believe this adorable set would be the perfect gift for the bit one in your life this Easter. Liv likes that it sparks her imagination. She has unscripted tea (and coffee) parties with us as well as her preferred stuffed animals as well.

Something unique about Fisher cost toys is their capability to grow with the kid over time. The Laugh N discover wonderful Manners  Tea set has three built-in wise stages enabling your kid to gain access to different levels of songs, sounds, and phrases as they grow.

Liv was a late communicator, she really didn’t speak a word up until she was almost 3 1/2 years old. So, personally, I like that this adorable tea set encourages her to have conversations as well as to take turns speaking too.

I have taken this tactic in my Easter gifting for my nephew this year as well. He is 14 months old as well as I got him a Fisher cost rock A Stack. This is one of my preferred gifts to provide since I keep in mind having these when I was a baby.

Did you understand the very first rock A stack was introduced in the 1960s? quite cool, right?

10 more Non-Candy Easter Basket gift Ideas

Art supplies (crayons, coloring books, paint dotter)
Pool toys (dive sticks, beach balls, water balls, goggles)
Easter Books
Sports gear (velcro catch game, water bottles, cones)
Bath toys (color-changing bathwater tablets, bubble bath, bath toys, as well as this adorable luxurious hooded towel)
Play-Doh (the actual dough as well as accessories)
Hair accessories (hairbrush, bows, headbands)
Lego sets or little toy Figures
Outside Play toys (sidewalk chalk, yo-yos)

Shop our Easter Basket favorites here!

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Top 5 unique Easter activities for Toddlers

Cool Whip dyed Eggs

Simply spread the awesome whip (or shaving cream) onto a baking sheet, decrease food coloring on top utilizing different colors in different sections. Next, take a straw as well as mix to produce a tie-dyed look. Roll an egg into the awesome whip on one side, then flip as well as total on the other side. let dry for 10-12 minutes as well as then rinse.

Easter Tower STEM Challenge

If you are looking for an academic however simple Easter activity, this concept is perfect! There is so much more you can do with plastic Easter eggs than fill them with candy for egg hunts. An excellent choice is to separate the plastic egg tops from the bottoms. then provide them to your kid as well as enable them to develop towers with the egg pieces.

The youngsters will develop a number of towers as well as soon recognize that by stacking all of the tops or all of the bottoms they are able to produce the very best towers. It is a fun as well as academic Easter activity that young children will love.

Spring garden Sensory Activity

Sensory bins have always been a preferred in our home. They offer chances for young children to check out touch, sight, sound, as well as smell. Plus, many youngsters like to get their hands in there as well as feel all the different structures too.

For this activity, you will requirement a rubber bin or cardboard box to hold everything, brown rice to act as the compost/ soil (or shredded brown paper or brown colored pasta), some shovels, plastic gardening pots, genuine carrots etc… Your kid will have a blast as well as you’ll get a long time to relax. It’s a win/win!

Jelly Bean Experiment

I like to utilize up a few of the candy in our home around Easter time in methods other than eating. That generally includes utilizing candy pieces in our artwork however one more fun concept is to utilize them for your own simple science experiments. For this experiment, you just have your kid divide the jelly beans by color. then you location 3 jelly beans of each color into a little bowl as well as fill with different liquids. We selected warm water, vinegar, club soda, as well as water with salt.

Allow the beans to sit for one full day as well as inspect on them regularly to see if there are any type of changes. The youngsters like to take guesses at which liquid will make the biggest impact.

Egg stamping With Potatoes

This may be my all-time preferred Easter craft for toddlers. It is a simple craft as well as you most likely already have whatever you requirement at house to do it. parents just cut the bottom part of a few potatoes off. then slice ridges into the potato. directly lines, squiggly lines utilize your imagination.

Once the potatoes are sliced just location them on a covered table with some finger paint as well as enable your kid to stamp away. They turn out quite cute!

We want to know! What are your preferred Easter activities for toddlers?

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At 6 months old, babies are smiling, cooing and they are ready to start playing! even though your child may still seem like an infant in numerous ways, they are going through an essential developmental period in their brains and their bodies. To improve your baby’s development, we have a list of the best gifts and toys for 6 month olds in 2022.

Your baby is going to begin interacting with you and the world around them in new and exciting ways. They’ll go through teething, begin to recognize faces, start responding to emotions and reach physical milestones like sitting up, rolling over, and soon walking. 

Best toys for 6 Month Old Baby

Best OverallLovevery Play Kits
Best for teaching cause & EffectSmart Noggin Light-up Rattle
Best for Cognitive DevelopmentWooden baby Gym
Best book to develop LanguageLeapFrog My Pal
Best for fine motor SkillsMelissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker
Best for learning to WalkVTech sit to Stand learn & Walk

Is playing with toys helping my baby develop?

You might be asking yourself, does my baby really need toys? When you spend time helping your baby explore the mechanics of moving, stacking, building, and sorting, you’re really helping them develop fine motor skills, cognitive thinking abilities, and social and emotional intelligence.

Playing is not only fun, it’s your baby’s primary way of learning, growing, and reaching those essential developmental milestones. So let’s get playing! Here’s our list of the top developmental toys for babies that are safe and fun. These are, in our opinion, the best toys for 6 month old baby!

1. Lovevery Play Kits Subscription

Before we jump into our particular toy recommendations, I have to mention that one of my favorite gifts I have ever received is actually a toy subscription, (mind you I am the type of less is much more kind of mom). However, the Lovevery toy subscription is kind of amazing.

For less than $40 a month you receive toys specifically for your child’s age. It is the ideal way to slowly introduce new toys. all of the Lovevery toys are high quality and are developed to help with development at each stage.

Check them out here!

2. Sassy Stacks of Circles

Your baby will love stacking and pulling off these chunky colorful rings. even if your baby isn’t ready for stacking yet, they will have fun just playing with the rings because they have different textures and patterns to catch their attention. This toy is also a great way to promote early STEM learning because they will be sorting, sequencing, and seeing the difference in sizes.

Shop Here

3. Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

The Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is one of my favorite suggestions on this list of the best toys for 6 month old babies. It starts out as a soothing infant rocker or stationary seat with two bat-at animal friends overhead. Then, as your baby grows, you can remove the toy bar and convert the seat to a toddler rocker!

It has a deep, comfortable seat, reclining seatback, calming vibrations, and a colorful (and machine-washable) seat pad. as for development, the cute animal friends will encourage your baby to reach and bat which will strengthen those baby muscles!

Check it Out Here

4. VTech Sit-to-Stand learning walker

5 stars on Amazon with Over 60,000 Reviews!

If you have a 6 month-year-old, they are probably on their way to crawling much more than walking. However, in no matter of time, they will be pulling themselves up and taking steps.

While your little one is sitting, they can play with the early learning center. It has 5 piano keys that play music and encourage creativity. once standing, the wheels can work on carpeted floors so that it is easy enough for your child to push around.

Check current prices Here

5. Sassy wonder Wheel activity Center

This baby wheel made my little one laugh over and over. The wheel sticks nicely to a table or high chair so your little one can whack away at the wheel without it coming off. The spinning wheel encourages your baby to reach, tug, and bat, strengthening hand-eye coordination.  The spinning center pieces offer a higher level of visual tracking and strengthen fine motor skills.

Grab it Here!

6. SmartNoggin NogginStik Developmental Light-Up Rattle 

This toy is seriously great. We’ve had It for a few months now and it’s still one of our baby’s favorite toys. That is unheard of with 6 month olds! The toy is great for teaching cause and effect, plus your baby will just love it. They can shake it, bang it on things, and chew on it.

The light-up portion of the Noggin Stik, mixed with the rattle, not only entertains your little one (I shake the rattle at her & bop it to make the light change, she watches in wonder) but also helps them reach milestones. I also have to say, your baby will love to chew on the yellow little nubs!

Available on Amazon

7. activity Gym

An activity gym is a must-have for your 6 monthold! There are so numerous options to choose from, but we particularly like this organic wooden gym. It is one of the best toys for 6 month olds on Amazon!

Whatever activity gym you pick, though, your baby will love playing with the dangling toys while they lay on their back. Later, when they can sit up, they will be able to interact even much more thoroughly with the gym!

Check prices Here

8. Red & Olive Doll

Red & Olive was Rookie mother Squad evaluated by Lo!

If you’re searching for a sweet doll for your little one, we love Red & Olive. These dolls are ethically made by artisan women in Peru which we love, you can read much more about that here. They sell bears, bunnies, cats, and more. You can also purchase them in a set that comes with an lovable beanie, bow, or headband.

We can’t forget to mention how cool it is that these knit dolls come in distinct packaging that older toddlers and kids can color on.

Check Them Out Here

9. baby Sophie Giraffe Teether

At six months old, your baby is likely starting to teethe. You have probably heard about the baby Sophie Giraffe Teether. There is a reason why! Sophie’s soft texture and various chewable parts (ears, horns, legs), make her ideal for soothing baby’s sore gums during teething.

Sophie is made of 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree, so there are no chemicals entering your baby’s mouth.

Check out all of our favorite teether toys here!

Shop Sophie Giraffe

10. Rainbow Nesting and Stacking Cups

These durable stacking cups are ideal for any type of play! featuring bright, playful colors and six nesting sizes, stacking and building with these cups helps your baby develop cognitive thinking and fine motor skills.

Each cup features the outline of an animal and a pattern of small holes, ideal for sifting sand outside or playing with water drops in the bath!

Get ’em!

11. LeapFrog My buddy

LeapFrog My buddy isn’t just an lovable companion, it’s a great learning toy for your little one. It will instruct your baby new words, feelings and emotions, colors, and counting. Not to mention, you can personalize it so that it know your baby’s name and favorite things.

It can also be a source of bedtime comfort for your baby, as you can set a lullaby timer with 5-15 minutes of bedtime music.

Shop Here

12. Oball Rattle

The Oball Rattle makes a fantastic developmental companion for your child! two soft, bendy, and teeth-able Oballs, connected by a colorful rattle, engage your little one’s hands, mouth, ears, and eyes. We love this mini-unit because it is easy for small hands to hold and play with.

The original Oball is also an outstanding choice for your six month old!

Check prices Here

13. Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stacker

Next up on our list of the best toys for six month olds is the ever-classic rainbow hoop stacking toy. Your baby will start developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they stack and unstack the loops. In fact, later you can even introduce color and size training!

Our favorite is the wooden rainbow stacker by Melissa and Doug. Made with durable, child-safe materials and featuring expert craftsmanship, this product will last your little one through years of play!

Check prices Here

14. Sassy tummy Time See Me floor Mirror

Most babies do not love tummy time, but it is really essential for their development! I have found using a tummy time mirror can help to keep them engaged and entertained. They love to see a baby face staring back at them! The rainbow colors and tracker ball also aid in development of visual perception.

Grab yours Here

15. Indestructibles basic Word book Set

It’s never too early to start encouraging a love of books in your child. This set makes for the ideal first books with basic words and fun illustrations. Plus, these can survive being chewed on, pulled on, and spit on. They are completely rip and tear proof.

Grab yours Here

Your sweet baby is learning so much from the world around them at this age. However, it is so essential to remember that toys are also a essential part of our baby developing certain skills, which is why we prioritized best developmental toys for 6 month olds when creating this list. That being said, soak up this age mama and get in all the playtime you can! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What toys ought to my 6-month-old be playing with?

Your 6-month-old ought to be playing with toys that help them learn and develop age suitable skills like stacking cups, play gyms, and walkers.

What are good gifts for a 6 month old?

1. baby Sophie Giraffe Teether2. activity Gym3. VTech sit to Stand learning Walker4. Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stacker5. Oball Rattle

What activities can you finish with a 6 month old?

1. read books2. Play peekaboo3. Clap together4.use interactive toys5. Sing nursery rhymes

How long ought to tummy time be at 6 months?

At 6 months, your baby can play on their tummy for up to an hour.

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try out your big baby in a backpack carrier and hike around. If this is your first time using the backpack carrier, do yourself a favor and make the first hike around the house or the yard in case baby hates his new method of transport.

When you’re ready, hit the real world for some hand free walking or go on a real hike through actual nature! If you don’t want to go it alone or you’re at a loss for the best trails, east Bay moms organizes regular hikes and activities. To be totally honest, I haven’t done any yet, but it’s on my list.