Cute Meets Spooky: easy Halloween Manicure






Halloween–only the best holiday of the year–is swiftly encroaching. I’m sure you’ve already considered your Halloween outfit, but what about Halloween-inspired fingernails? Sure, a solid orange or black is always apropros, but what if I told you could easily take your holiday-themed nails one step further? Well, you can.

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Today we’re creating hanging spiders and spooky eyes in a dark room. You’ll need just three nail polish colors, a dotting tool (or alternative) and a small brush (or alternative). Personally, I’m absolutely tickled by the end result of these Halloween nails. Not only are they super-easy to pull off, they’re the best blend of cute and spooky.

Halloween Manicure Tutorial

Step 1: Prep and Paint Your Nails

Every good manicure needs a good foundation. start by filing your nails so they’re all the same length, then apply a cuticle oil. You can use olive oil. wash it off and then paint a base coat. Next, paint all your nails except for your ring fingers with orange nail polish. I used Zoya’s Arizona. Paint your ring fingers black. I used Rimmel London’s Black Satin.

Step 2: Dot Your Nails

Place a black dot on the bottom center of all your orange nails. For your accent nails, apply two sets of white dots. You can use a dotting tool or, alternatively, a straight pin, paintbrush or bobby pin.

Step 3: draw Lines

Draw a straight black line from the top of your nail to the black dot on all your orange fingers. This is the spider’s web. I used a tiny nail painting tool. You can use a nail polish striper or nail pen for this, as well.

Step 4: draw Legs

Draw three lines on either side of your dots to create spider legs. These can also be done with a nail painting tool, small paint brush, nail polish striper or nail pen.

Step 5: draw Eyes

For the finale, apply two small white eyes on each of your spiders. For your spooky eyes in the dark, draw two small black dots on each set of the white dots. I used the idea of an old pen to create the super-small dots on the spiders. After everything dries, seal your Halloween manicure in with a top coat.

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