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A successful look frequently results from a successful color mix.

But when we look at aaaaaall the colors available in stores, some of us can get a little confused and opt for a raven like look in order not to make any mistakes.

Let’s have a little mixing lesson. Careful, you may become a color addict.

1. Mix colors and neutrals

Color shot on a plain black outfit can swiftly look like Maya the bee.

For a lot more subtle color mixes, add some varied neutrals next to bright colors.

Photo: She inside

Here red is paired with 3 neutrals: white, black and beige.

By neutrals, I indicate the colors that can be associated with any other color.

Which are black, white, grey and beige. I’d personally include navy blue (especially the one of the jean) and frequently natural leather.

Neutrals are a fantastic method to add a lot more shades in your look because they do not count in the well-known no-more-than-3-colors-in-an-outfit rule.

By mixing a number of of them with only one bright colors, you quickly can produce outfits that look extremely colorful and fresh.

Photo: Macarena Gea wearing a rich eco-friendly with neutrals.

Photo: Marina Munoz. She mixes mustard with navy blue and black. The navy blue softens the black/yellow contrast.

Photo: discovered on pinterest. With pastels, pale neutrals such as grey or beige, produce a soft harmony while pushing away the danger of looking like a macaroon.

Photos: Pinterest, Variacje. pale neutrals are also fantastic with neons.

But  I do not suggest the overall beige outfit with a splash of neon. always stay subtle. To be chic, mix different neutrals together like this young lady above, adding a leather belt to her outfit.

Even though all the looks I have just shown consist of only one bright color, keep in mind that pulling of a neutral piece is also a fantastic method to “break” a extremely colorful look.

Photo: Nadia Aboulhosn. The three colors combo, which might be as well much is softened by her grey tweed coat.

2. Associate complementary colors

I understand you understand what they are. Your institution instructor taught you that… hum, long ago.

So, as a reminder: they are the colors located at the extremities of the color spectrum.

Each of those color make the other one look brighter.

The better method to mix them stylishly is to add a glimpse of one into an outfit containing generally the other.

Photo: Elisa Nalin by simple fashion Paris

Here, fantastic color master, Elisa Nalin, wears a blue hue mix highlighted by two little touches of orange.

If you wanna go for the color block I encourage you to keep it low profile by choosing one of the colors less intense than the other.

Photo: Giovanna Battaglia

Here fashionista Giovanna opted for mustard yellow mixed with a paler complementary purple.

Unfortunately, color blocks with colors the exact same intensity is nearly always a caricature.

Colors the exact same intensity are colors that show the exact same amount of light in a method that, on a black and white photography they appear to be the exact same shade.

Photo: Elisa Nalin by Walldress

She pairs her neon yellow skirt with a darker blue. As an example, a bright cyan blue would have been a bad concept here.

Photo: Anna Laub by Vanessa Jackman

Deep eco-friendly and paler pink are an adorable duo.

3. Associate different hues of the exact same color

You can play it on the entire outfit or only on a part of it.

Photo: blue shades outfit by Lanvin

Photo: pink shades outfit weared by Natalie Joos

Photo: discovered on refinery 29. two shades of blue paired with neutrals.

4. Associate “neighbor” colors

I call some colors “neighbors” if one of them enters the composition of the other.

Example: eco-friendly is blue + yellow. as a result blue and eco-friendly or yellow and eco-friendly are neighbor colors that can be worn next to each other.

Photo: Natalie Joos. She mixes red and orange with skill and even adds two complementary colored blue pieces of different hues (that is called an expert, ladies).

Photo: Natalie Joos. right here she opts for a eco-friendly and yellow mix.

May the rainbow force be with you.

Cover collage: Tuula vintage, Elisa Nalin, Balibulle

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